Nanaygosyante Tribe Ask The Maker Handcrafted Learning Toys for Homeschoolers? #ASKTHEMAKER

Handcrafted Learning Toys for Homeschoolers? #ASKTHEMAKER

In this series called #AskTheMaker, we publish interviews with nanaygosyantes of SHOP LOKAL. This interview is with Jovanna Zulita, owner of PlaygoalZ.

2021 is the year for homeschoolers and moms are always on the lookout for affordable educational toys that excite children to learn. For business-minded nanays, this opens an opportunity to earn.

And if you are asking what learning toys sell fast?

Then, meet local toy maker from Davao City, Ms. Jovanna Zulita, a nanaygosyante who makes handcrafted learning toys.

In a 20-minute FB Live talk through SHOP LOKAL’s #askthemaker series, she shares the three best selling learning toys she makes.

Top 3 best-selling learning toys

#1 Magnetic Felt Fishing

This magnetic felt fishing set comes in ten (10) colorful fishes with one (1) magnetic fishing rod. This learning toy is designed to enrich numeracy through fun catching.

It helps improve eye and hand coordination skill. Use the magnetic rod to catch fish and learn colors as children sort them accordingly. You can also use this fun learning activity to introduce counting when fishing.

#2 Farm Animal Finger Puppets

This set of farm animal finger puppets comes in six different animals and a bag to safely store them after play. Using visuals and texture help children learn language faster and this learning toy promotes pretend play that encourages creative imagination.

Children can learn the different farm animals and its characteristics and with parental involvement, this activity enhances interactive play. You can play together by making the animal movement and sounds then, reinforce the child’s learning by singing a song.

#3 Felt Money

This felt money set comes with a wallet, seven (7) types of coins, and play notes in bright colors and cards.

It encourages financial awareness using visual and texture that help children learn counting money easier, making it fun and easy for children to identify different denominations, learn to count, add and subtract money with parental involvement.

You can still watch Ms. Jovannah Zulita on SHOP LOKAL’s recorded FB Live talk.

If you are interested to buy or sell these handcrafted learning toys, use the code ENTREPINANAY2021 when you order at SHOP LOKAL to get a discount.

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