Ask The Nanaygosyante Tribe: Do you believe in work-life balance?

It’s a challenge moms have faced and continue to face: how to balance their time between running their business and their personal life. We have to ask: is work-life balance a myth? Can we, as moms, really have it all?

We asked our entrepinanays to share their tips and insights on achieving a healthy work-life balance, and this is what they had to say.

I really believe there is such as work-life balance. It’s a choice actually. You need work to live life, and you need a “life” to remind you why you need to work. Without the “balance” it’s dangerous, you will end up burnt out or a bum.

Angel Valdeztamon, Owner of Beatrix Cafe and Founder of Earth Angel Essentials

I think it’s about finding the best rhythm that works for you and your family. Kung satisfied ka sa time na nilaan mo sa bawat aspeto ng buhay mo (If you are satisfied with the time you allotted to each area in your life), then you are doing a work-life balance. Yung iba kasi sinasabi nila wala na daw balance ngayon, dapat work-life integration na. (Others say that there’s no balance, it should be work-life integration). Whatever the term is, I’d go back to my definition of balance, which is finding the best rhythm that works for you and your family, a rhythm that keeps you happy and satisfied.

Joylee Armeje, Founder of One Drop Community

I used to pin this in my mind when I was still doing corporate work. I was mindful to set boundaries to keep the balance, to see that all areas (kids, mom chores, work, self) were equally attended to. Now that I have transitioned to entrepreneurship and being home-based due to COVID, “balance” is replaced by ” integration” . All areas are now interconnected at home, no more boundaries, just pivots.

Abegail de Ausen, Owner of Adeaz Enterprise
Karen Vanessa Tayag

Karen Vanessa Tayag

Karen is a mom of 1, a digital strategist, tech integrator, and community builder. She is the founder of online communities Nanaygosyante Tribe, Freelancing Mamas PH, Limitless Pinays, and To the Next Mama PH. She is always up to talk about design, marketing, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and food over a coffee.

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