Nanaygosyante Tribe Ask the Community Ask the Nanaygosyante Tribe: What Makes Moms the Best Entrepreneurs

Ask the Nanaygosyante Tribe: What Makes Moms the Best Entrepreneurs

We all know moms are superheroes. We didn’t ask to be, but society doesn’t give us much of a choice. We work hard as professionals, excelling in our careers, and we work even harder as homemakers.

Today, we ask our Nanaygosyante Tribe what are the qualities that makes mothers the best entrepreneurs.

Mothers make great entrepreneurs for many reasons: Restaurant management skills through daily preparation of meals for their families; Budget management; Leadership (guiding their children and often husbands); Problem-solving (every single day); Crisis management; Sales (not every meal is a winner but they still have to eat it); Relationship counseling (kids fight all the time); Maintenance (things often break, who is the one to usually fix it?); Planning and coordination skills; Customer service (no matter how stressed we are, we can face anything with grace, love and compassion).

Each of these are very valuable in the business sector and mothers have years of experience.

-Jenny Meredith

Hindi kasi ma-pride or malaki ang ego ng moms so kahit nahihiya tayo, we still go for it. Mas mabigat sa atin iyong mga bata, (we value the) results (more) kesa sa sacrifices.

-Joch Punzalan

It’s simply because moms knows best sa children nya. (When it comes to business) Negosyante ang mom, [she treats] customers as children and want only the best for them.

-Chanda Rosete

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