Nanaygosyante Tribe In Focus In Focus: Oishi! Bazaar success with Japanese Street Food

In Focus: Oishi! Bazaar success with Japanese Street Food

Rowena Montalvo, owner of Weng-Weng’s Takoyaki.

Rowena Montalvo, owner of Weng-Weng’s Takoyaki, found success by ensuring that her Japanese treats suits the Filipino taste.

Name: Rowena M. del Mundo

Company: Weng Weng’s Takoyaki

What do you sell? Takoyaki and other Japanese Food.

Who is your target audience? Mostly working individual for they have the power to purchase.

What professional accomplishment that you are proud of? For being in this business for 6 years and when our customer compliment our product.

What makes your business story unique? I think when I focus on what I really wanted to do. When you are a bazaarista you need to think of something on how you can compete in the market. I make sure that our product will compliment the taste of our “kababayan”, although it is a Takoyaki is a Japanese food but I am serving mostly Filipino so I made my product based on the taste bud of our kababayan. Maybe what is unique with our business is we don’t only focus on earnings but on the quality of product that we serve, we make sure that we satisfy our customer so that they will come back. I always believe that through word of mouth from our satisfied customer is the best form of advertisement.

What inspired you to be entrepreneur? I am afraid of growing old broke (yung tipong kahit alaxan wala ka pambili). I want to be productive and independent. I always believe that we are not our chikdren’s responsibility when we grow old, so must also prepare our future not only our children’s future.

What is your favorite part of being an entrepreneur? My favorite part is that I work in my own pace and space.

How do you set up your day up for success and in what order? My day always starts and ends with prayer. I have my daily time table. Daily routine:

8 am- Go to market

9 am- Eat breakfast with family.

11am- Cross stitch (since lockdown I accept customized or personalized patterns)

– Cook lunch

12nn- lunch with family

12:30pm cross stitch

1:30pm- preparing for takoyaki

3pm- start of delivery

5pm- cross stitch

6pm- pray with family

7pm- dinner

8pm- inventory

9pm- my own time, here I search on how to improve my business, new recipes and anything that I need to improve my skills.

Time management is very important in everyone’s success because every seconds count as the saying goes “Time is gold”. Never waste time and never stop learning.

What is your Mom vs. Business challenge? So far none. I always make sure that I have enough time for my family and business. When I have bazaars and they have classes, I always see to it that before I left the house everything they need is ready and make sure that we eat dinner together, for in the dining table we always share and talk what happened the entire day. I always asked my children “how’s your day?” Aside from time communication is very important when it comes to family and business.

Any advice you wished you had before you started your venture? None. I do listen to advice but still it is up to me whether to follow or not because I always believed that at the end of the day I am still the boss of my own self. I don’t look back what happened in the past. I am not a “sana” and regretful person.

How can we find you? Lot 44, Blk. 26, Phase 1, Heritage Homes, Marilao, Bulacan 09234433532 FB page: wengwengstakoyaki Ilovewengwengstakoyaki We join various bazaars and events. Just check on our page where you can find us We also do food cart catering on all occassions. and since we are now on pandemic we would like to help our neighbor earning by becoming our resellers.

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