In Focus: Whisk a Successful Baking Business at Home

Chanda Rosete, a successful entrepinanay, shares how she started Kloud Sweet Treats.

Chanda Rosete has turned her passion for cooking into a successful home-based baking business. She shares tips on how you, too, can get started.

NAME: My name is Chanda Rosete, my sons call me Mama and my friends call me Chands

COMPANY: I named my baking business “Kloud Sweet Treats”, after my youngest son, who is the bundle of joy of our home.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS AND WHY YOU STARTED IT: My baking journey began when I was pregnant with my youngest son. Those were the days when I had difficulty with my pregnancy because I was also suffering from lupus and it was on flare. I was under medication which eventually led to depression. Baking was one of the things that got me through it. I was interested and was trying many hobbies, arts and crafts, electronics-almost everything that I could think of, I was able to do it. But what was really close to my heart was cooking and so I tried baking as well which was one of the best decisions in my life; for me, it was the therapy that I really needed. At first, I was trying to make baked goodies for my family then as gifts to my friends. I got great feedbacks from them and eventually they asked me to start selling and some were also asking if they can just start buying since they want more of it. I continued baking until my youngest son was born, also the reason why my business was named after him because he was a miracle baby, as to how this baking business is as well to my life. Now, Kloud Sweet Treats is in its 6th year and counting.

WHAT DO YOU SELL? My products are a range of baked goodies. From cakes, cookies, cupcakes and the like. My forte is on custom made cakes because I was really inclined to art and it has always been my dream to be an artist. Through baking, I get to unleash my creative side and enhance my skills thoroughly.

WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? Everyone is welcome and invited to try and taste Kloud Sweet Treat’s baked goodies. I would like to tap everyone who has an itch for their sweet tooth and would like to satisfy their sweet cravings. I have a wide selection of bakes that everyone would love, even the ones who are health conscious. You think and plan of the cake that you need, and we will make it into reality.

WHAT 3 PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? There are a lot of things that I am proud of throughout my journey as a mompreneur. One of which is when I am invited to bazaars in our municipality and I was appointed as the representative of the PWD community of our baranggay. Another was when I was invited to talk to our group in Connected Women, during one of our meet-ups. It has always been a passion of mine to share my knowledge and inspire everyone who are doing their best every day and that opportunity gave highlight to one of my dreams. Also being able to be part of bazaars in different places and malls in Cavite sets a sense of fulfilment for me. The opportunity to be able to let everyone experience my baking and seeing their happy faces and great feedbacks really warms my heart. As a self-made baker, it is the simple things that I consider achievements for me. Small things that make up the big things that I have now-family and friends that are always supportive with my endeavors, customers who are always coming back to re-order because they loved my baked goodies and being a mother, seeing my sons happy with the food I make fills my heart with joy and fulfillment.

WHAT MAKES YOUR BUSINESS STORY UNIQUE? All business stories include struggles, hardships and moving forward. I have no difference in that. The one thing that makes me different from most stories is that I make everything out of LOVE. As a full time mom, especially living with sons and I am the only woman in the house, I know that it takes lots of patience for something to work out. I have been struggling with my illness for as long as I can remember; and most days, I would feel that I should give up. But as I look at my family, my senses come back to me and it always pushes me to be at my best shape-giving up is never an option for a mompreneur like me. I do business not only to earn money, but also to inspire other women like me who are going through so much in life but never gives up the will to try and live and survive. I believe that if we do everything with LOVE, it will create a masterpiece.

HOW CAN WE FIND YOU? I am a stay at home mompreneur, located at Salitran III, Dasmariñas, Cavite. You can message us or call us at 09065726250. You may also reach us at: Facebook – Instagram – @kloudsweettreats

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